Holtec Government Services, LLC (HGS) is a subsidiary of Holtec International with its headquarters located in Camden, NJ in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. HGS is an autonomous entity in Holtec International’s “federalist” structure wherein each independently operating corporate entity, characterized by an independent accounting and administrative structure, shares its resources with its sister companies on a preferential basis.

HGS was established in 2012 with the assigned mission to provide services to federal, state, and municipal governments in the fields of national defense, and carbon-free energy technologies including nuclear, solar, geothermal, and wind power. While free and independent to execute its business development, project management and client interface activities, HGS is nevertheless connected to its sister companies in certain areas of activity that are managed at the parent level for efficiency of execution, quality, and safety culture. These are:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Infrastructure
  • Personnel Safety Program
  • Nuclear Safety Program
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Treasury and Finance
  • IT
  • Public outreach and communications

The key differentiating attribute of HGS is its concentration on complying with USDOE and USDOD orders and directives rather than the corresponding codes and standards published by the USNRC, ISO, ASME and various foreign nuclear authorities where its sister business the Nuclear Power Division operates.  However, HGS conducts business under the same corporate governance rules that apply to all Holtec operation centers, subsidiaries and affiliates. Holtec International’s corporate document CD-07, “Corporate Governance Manual” provides a comprehensive set of requirements and expectation of professional and business conduct to all Holtec International personnel. It emulates the rigorous criteria of business conduct set down by the Federal Government and of personal conduct set down by Holtec’s leadership. Like all Holtec entities, the governance of HGS is invigilated by a watchful top Holtec International (parent) official appointed by its CEO. HGS is irrevocably committed to diversity in its workforce emphasizing the recruitment, training, and retention of veterans, women, and minorities in its organization. The composition of the leadership team reflects the Company’s aspirations for diversity and preference for national service in its workforce: HGS’ President is a nuclear engineer, a woman and an army veteran; the VP of Projects is a recently retired captain from the US Navy.

Another area of HGS’ nexus to its parent (Holtec International) is Quality Assurance and Quality Control which are applied at all Holtec entities across the globe. HGS is committed to faithfully implementing every article of Holtec’s infrastructure of Quality which has been hailed as a model program by many a client and regulator around the world.

Personnel safety program directed by a highly respected and accomplished safety expert (and a veteran of US armed forces) is applied across all Holtec’s manufacturing and site services divisions. The safety metrics of Holtec’s manufacturing plants and site services operations, have continued to be in the top echelons of leading US industrial companies.

Cannons of nuclear safety, infused in Holtec International’s global workforce as a part of a continuous improvement program, are also embraced and reinforced by HGS’ leadership in all aspects of HGS’ activities. As the pages in this website proclaim, we endeavor to make HGS a paragon of good governance, unimpeachable Quality, and a world leader in industrial and nuclear safety.