Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Holtec Government Services, LLC is dedicated to maintaining a culture of accountability, honesty, and integrity in all business dealings. The Company has set high standards of corporate governance and remain committed to the continued development of best practices. The Company recognizes that its business success must be built on the trust and confidence of its customers, subcontractors, suppliers, its work force and the public. It is therefore axiomatic that maintaining an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and conduct is crucial to HGS’ future.

The Corporate Governance and Ethics manual, CD-07, is a mandatory document for all Company associates to read and assimilate. It provides definitive guidance to the Company professionals in dealing with the host of issues and circumstances that arise in day-to-day conduct of business. It also sets down strict codes of conduct in the work place on subjects such as discrimination, harassment, favoritism, nepotism, bigotry, meritocracy, freedom to raise concerns without risk of retaliation, and the like. The principles of business and professional conduct enshrined in CD-07 are also broadcast through a series of Training Tablets on the computers of the Company’s associates, a novel method of continuous outreach that has been widely admired by Company’s clients, associates and suppliers as a uniquely effective instrument to shape our Company’s corporate culture.

A robust method for anonymous filing of concerns and grievances with absolute anonymity, described in CD-07, has served as key tool to boost staff morale and stamp out any bad behavior before it begins to take root.