Leadership and Diversity

As summarized below, the business leadership of HGS consists of a group of distinguished professionals with in-depth experience in  commercial nuclear and federal nuclear projects. The executives listed on this page constitute HGS’ Executive Council led by the Chairman. The Executive Council provides the oversight over the sales, marketing and project execution activities of HGS. Decisions can be made by majority vote but are, in practice, collegial, and unanimous.

Joy R. Russell

Ms. Joy Russell is the President of Holtec Government Services. She supports the business development efforts of all Holtec operating divisions from the corporate level and leadership of the company’s communications and public outreach program. Learn More

Donald A. Beckman

Executive Chairman
Mr. Beckman has forty-five years of experience in the management, operation, maintenance, design, and regulation of nuclear power plants, spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, and US Department of Energy nuclear research and defense facilities. Learn More

Myron M. Kaczmarsky

Senior Director – Business Development
Mr. Kaczmarsky has 38 years of experience in the nuclear industry, in responsible positions of business development, project management, and operations for the design, installation, startup, and operation of nuclear systems and facilities as well as the decommissioning and remediation of nuclear facilities for commercial and government customers. Learn More

Dr. Kalyan K. Niyogi

Senior Director – Engineering
Dr. Niyogi has over 45 years of experience in the power industry including nuclear. He participated in the design, engineering, and licensing of nuclear plants. He has been involved in the engineering of fossil power plants, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical plants. Learn More

Ed Mayer

Senior Director – Projects
Ed Mayer is a Program Director at Holtec International, where he is responsible for the Consolidated Interim Storage Facility in southeastern New Mexico. Learn More