Donald A. Beckman

Executive Chairman

Mr. Beckman has forty-five years of experience in the management, operation, maintenance, design, and regulation of nuclear power plants, spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, and US Department of Energy nuclear research and defense facilities. Mr. Beckman has also managed the assignments of Beckman & Associates, Inc. consultants in a variety of utility and governmental projects involving technical and managerial issues, and US DOE facilities and commercial power plants with regulatory performance issues since 1984.

Early in his career, he was a licensed engineering officer and operator/shift supervisor on the Nuclear Ship Savannah; a shipyard reactor plant chief test engineer; and a commercial power plant startup/test manager. As part of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff, he oversaw control room operations at TMI-2 immediately following the accident and was a senior resident inspector and engineering manager at US NRC Region I.

Since 1984, he has been the president and principal consultant of Beckman & Associates, providing technical, scientific, quality expert witness, and nuclear organization management consulting to the US DOE, the US NRC and private sector customers. These engagements have frequently included acting in senior manager roles matrixed into utility and client organizations.