There are presently 450 degreed engineers in Holtec’s employ and growing, many with advanced degrees, at three operation centers are available to support HGS’ project undertakings. In addition, HGS can access scores of contract engineers with deep experience in mechanical, civil, structural and nuclear disciplines.

The engineering analyses are carried using extensively benchmarked and NRC-approved computer codes on a battery of 64-module parallel processors.

Nuclear QA Pedigree Public Domain Computer Codes Routinely Used in Engineering Analysis
Name Used in ….
ANSYS Linear and non-linear stress analysis of components and structures
LS-DYNA Predicting the elasto-plastic response of components and structures under impulsive, impactive, and transient loadings
CASMO Nuclear criticality analysis
MCNP Reactivity and shielding analysis
ORIGEN Activity decay analysis of used nuclear fuel
FLUENT Computation Fluid Dynamics (Thermal-hydraulic) analysis of fluid systems
 RELAP Coupled neutronic and thermal–hydraulic analysis of systems