Forced Helium Dehydrator

  • The casks are designed with features for double containment necessary for transporting MOx and other plutonium bearing waste forms.
  • Customized cask models include those expressly designed for storing and transporting GTCC, Class C and B waste.
  • Casks designed to store both canisterized (all-welded multi-purpose canister) and “bare” basket contents.
  • Casks for storing and transporting High burn-up and high initial enrichment fuel (such as the fuel used in nuclear powered aircraft carriers and other naval vessels).
  • A superbly engineered set of ancillary and accessory equipment that have established a peerless track-record of error-free fuel loadings having garnered the enviable track record of no NRC cited violation after over 30 years of operation! The motto of Holtec’s fuel loading program is the so-called “Four Zeros” capsulized in the tombstone below.
  • Research reactor fuel, transuranic waste and sterilization capsules such as the Cesium Chloride capsules stored at the Hanford site.
  • A large number of cask models available to choose from to best suit a particular application. The table below lists the USNRC docket of each cask model followed by a gallery of perspective views. The shown casks include both storage-only and dual-purpose casks (storage and transport) as well as the cask for storing non-fissile waste.