HGS can leverage the resources of Holtec’s three large manufacturing installations, which boast the most advanced machinery and quality infrastructure.

Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD)

At 15 acres under the crane hooks and a whole complement of stamps and certifications, HMD is America’s largest nuclear fabrication facility. HMD delivers approximately 300 weldments each year to the nuclear power industry around the world.


Orrvilon is a 325,000 ft2 fabrication and testing facility that is vertically integrated for the manufacture of specialty materials such as METAMIC® HT and Classic METAMIC® used for reactivity control in nuclear plants. Capabilities include:

  • Powder blending and billet manufacturing
  • Extrusion of complex aluminum shapes and exotic alloys
  • Water jet cutting
  • Friction stir welding
  • Rolling mills for sheet fabrication
  • A state-of-the art laboratory for material testing and dedication

Advanced Manufacturing Division (AMD)

AMD is the latest addition to Holtec International’s manufacturing capabilities. Commissioned in 2017, AMD has been equipped with the most modern computer-controlled machinery with mammoth capabilities such as rolling of 6-inch-thick plate stock and 3-D machining of forgings that weigh in excess of 50 tons. Up to 400 tons of hardware can be handled by AMD’s overhead cranes that traverse the high bays of the plant at 65 feet above the plant’s slab.