Personnel & Nuclear Safety

Holtec Government Services holds personnel and nuclear safety at the cornerstone of its activities, which includes implementing the Guiding Principles of the DOE Order 450.2, Integrated Safety Management. HGS systematically integrates safety into management and work practices at all levels so corporate objectives are accomplished while protecting the workers, the public, and the environment. The Integrated Safety Management Guiding Principles and Core Functions are factored in the HGS conduct of operations policies and procedures.

HGS’s commitment to safety starts at the very top.  While quality and productivity are critical to HGS’ operations, they will never take precedence over the safety of personnel or protection of the environment. This commitment is brought to life through an organized program of communication, training, measurement, and management follow-up for feedback and continuous improvement. HGS firmly instills in all associates that safety is everyone’s responsibility. The corporate slogan, ”Safety Starts with Me” permeates the corporate culture which has vaulted the safety performance of Holtec manufacturing plants to among the very best in the industry. Holtec’s safety program implemented at HGS incorporates the experience and wisdom from the Company’s own work force as well as from many of Holtec’s clients and subcontractors. Best work practices have been adopted where they have been shown to be effective in accident prevention. The Holtec manufacturing facilities follow the facility and programmatic safety requirements established in DOE Order 420.1C.

Holtec Safety Culture for Work Performance, Holtec Manufacturing Facilities and Site Services Teams

The Holtec Safety Culture is consistent across all work activities and manufacturing facilities for personnel and nuclear safety culture. HGS embraces a strong safety culture where safe performance of work and involvement of workers in all aspects of work performance are core values that are deeply, strongly, and consistently held by managers and workers. The Safety Culture Elements established by the US DOE are closely followed by HGS which include the focus areas and attributes listed below.

  • Leadership
    • Clear expectations and accountability
    • Management engagement and time in field
    • Risk-informed, conservative decision making
    • Open communication and fostering an environment free from retribution
    • Demonstrated safety leadership
    • Staff recruitment, selection, retention, and development
  • Employee/Worker Engagement
    • Personal commitment to self and co-worker’s safety
    • Teamwork and mutual respect
    • Participation in work planning and improvement
    • Mindful of hazards and controls
  • Organizational Learning
    • Monitoring performance through multiple means
    • Using operational experience
    • Building trust
    • Questioning attitude
    • Reporting errors and problems
    • Resolving reported problems

Nuclear Safety Culture

The essential elements of Nuclear Safety practiced by HGS are summarized in ten precepts laid out on this page. Reiterating them as a Company’s mantra in meetings and conference calls helps imbed them into the corporate culture.