Analysis of Fluid Systems

Surface Temperature of Dry Storage Casks in Vertical Orientation inside a Building

The analysis mission for fluid systems may be classified into four groups:

  • Simple one-dimensional systems typified by in-pipe flows (single phase and two phase). The main objective is computation of pressure loss and analysis of water hammer
  • Forced flows in heat exchangers. The object is to compute pressure loss, heat transfer coefficient and to assess the risk of flow induced vibrations.
  • Systems containing complex 3-D flows with laminar, transitional, and turbulent regimes (such flow conditions are encountered in a variety of equipment such as heat exchangers, reactor cores and fuel baskets of casks) that required a refined articulation of the flow field.
  • Systems vulnerable to fluid-elastic whirling, the Strouhal effect, acoustic resonance, turbulent buffeting, and other forms of instability from fluid flows such as transmission lines, large surface condensers, large evaporators and the like.

*Analysis of coupled thermal and hydraulic systems using RELAP

The Company utilizes mature private domain (company developed) and public domain computer codes (QA validated) for the above class of problems. Not a single system qualified by the Company out of hundreds analyzed has failed in service.