Devices for Heavy Load Handling

Handling of heavy loads is a critically important operation because the consequence of an uncontrolled load lowering event can be so catastrophic. The regulatory literature in this area (such as NOG-1, NUREG-0554, NUREG-0612, ANSI 14.6) is fittingly extensive and highly prescriptive. The Company has developed a series of analysis methodologies for qualifying load handling systems and appurtenances such as cranes, crawlers, lift yokes and the like. The expertise includes:

  • Upgrading of cranes to ASME- NOG-1 single-failure-proof (SFP) pedigree
  • Qualification of lifting devices with consideration of non-conformal yoke-to-hook contact interface
  • Seismic qualification of suspended heavy load from a crane hook (to check against possible impact with proximate structures as well as stress compliance)